Kangaroo Island

November 2018 Back in November l finally got around to doing the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail, this is my journal posts from that hike. I hate flying, but somehow l had convinced myself years ago that if l sit at the window everything will be okay, until some bright spark informed me that a lady […]

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Back to work I go

I started to feel anxious about this last week, l can’t say why because I honestly don’t know why I feel this way when I’ve been working in this job for over twelve years now, I guess my anxiety with work started about two years ago but slowly got worse. But this morning I’m really […]

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Point Leo to Balnarring

Hike two for 2019 I love to find new hiking books and work through the hikes, l guess l love ticking them off. I bought this small box that l thought was a book of hikes but it turned out to be cards with hikes on them. There are 32 cards, which means 32 hikes. […]

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My self-love Wednesday

I started my self-love wednesdays back in July 2018, when I realised only I could pull myself off the dark path I was on. The only rule for this day is to NOT feel guilty about what I do or don’t do. My very first one I caught up with a friend l haven’t seen […]

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The First Hike for 2019

Hike one of 2019 My first hike for the year was at the You Yangs in Victoria. The last time l visited the You Yangs was over a year ago, and it was pretty busy which put me off going back but today l think everyone was sleeping in because there wasn’t many cars in […]

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