Looking into 2020

Wow I’ve come along way this year, I’ve had my ups and downs and my laughs and tears but I’m still smiling.

Loving my hiking again and enjoying life more. Giving myself more selflove and not feeling guilty about it.

I’m the sort of person that needs to have things to look forward to and to make goals to try and work towards.

So for next year my goal with hiking is to do twenty different national parks in 2020.

I got this idea off a hiker I follow on Instagram, she did 19 hikes in 19 different national parks this year for 2019. I thought it sounded like a great goal so I’ve stolen the idea for next year.

At first I thought it would be so easy to pick the national parks and the hikes to do but only picking one hike in some of our amazing and beautiful national parks we have here in Victoria is going to be hard and then there is the national parks that don’t have many good hikes or that I’ve never heard of so I’ll need to research the park and find a hike to do there.

But I’m excited to have a goal for next year and can’t wait to get out on all those trails and of course I’ll still be doing my Hike to Heal hikes.

Bring on 2020

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