Let’s Talk About It

I remember my psychologist telling me to write about my feelings, put it on paper, see if it helps. And it did help, then I remember saying to her I would love to share it with others, she said why not, do it.

At the time I was so concerned, opening up to total strangers about what I was going through, giving them my faults and my fears and showing them how vulnerable I can be sounded pretty scary but it also gave me more then I could of ever thought it could.

After those first few blog posts I wasn’t alone no more, it felt good to be open and honest about what I was feeling.

But of course you always have those people that think it’s a private thing and shouldn’t be shared. I say why not? Should I be ashamed? Should I hide it because it now makes you feel uncomfortable? Is mental health something that normal people don’t have so now you see me as weak and someone you don’t want to know?

I say to them, these are your problems, not mine.

I think mental health should be talked about, I think it’s very normal to be open about how you are feeling, if I ask you how you are I want an honest answer, not a ‘I’m great, how are you’ so I’ve decided to be honest as well, if you ask me how I am I’m going to be honest, I’m not going to please you by saying I’m great how are you, sometimes I’m going to say I’m shit today, how are you?

Then let’s talk about how we actually feel and why, or maybe there isn’t a reason so let’s talk about that and then laugh about the fact we may feel shit today but tomorrow we will feel so much better for actually talking about the elephant in the room because I know talking about it helps, of course I also know I have friends and family I can’t open up to because to them they can’t and don’t want to see the elephant in the room. And I’m okay with that now because again that’s their issue not mine, so I say to them don’t ask me how I am 😁 because you may not like the answer I give.

But if you’re asking…. I’m pretty good today, how are you?


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About It

  1. Beautifully said!! I am right there with you in my feeling of trepidation in sharing my inner thoughts with the world via blog posts. But I know that it just may help someone out there feel at least a little less alone. Thank you ♡

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  2. Yes, sadly that stigma still exists doesn’t it? I’m very glad you feel able to openly share your feelings now. It not only helps yourself but others who may be struggling silently. I have my own mental health struggles, but also when I was a child my mother’s extremely serious mental health condition was something we weren’t ever allowed to discuss. It impacted her life and ours greatly but any mention of it to others brought an uncomfortable silence, a change of subject, or even advice by extreme religious people to “exorcise” the demons from her! It means the sufferer and their families can feel extremely isolated. It’s much better if we have a society where we can be honest about these illnesses in the same way others can be about conditions such as diabetes, so we can receive the support and understanding necessary. 🙂

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