Thank You

I think I’m a very lucky lady, I have a couple of supportive friends that I would be lost without. They know me and know my black dog but they still stick around.

Last week I received a few lovely messages from people I’ve hiked with, that have taken time out of their busy days to tell me that they are thinking of me. I guess they knew how much I put into doing the Larapinta and I guess they knew how hard it would of been for me to pull myself off the hike and come home.

It was nice to receive support from a place I didn’t expect, support that has shown me that I’m not alone.

Yes sometimes I feel alone but getting those messages definitely helps to brighten my day. So i say thank you to those new mates and even two I haven’t even meet yet.

You brightened my day and gave me a smile that I needed.

One day at a time ..

Take Me To The Ocean


The above post I wrote yesterday, I was not going to post it today but something happened that made me post it.

My Journey is my words, my thoughts, my feelings. Do not read into it and think in anyway I’m addressing YOU, I’m not out to hurt anyone with words especially when so many are sending positive messages to me.

This Journey is my Journey….


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