Wilson’s Prom

Hike fifteen of 2019

A weekend away with a group of ladies sounds wonderful doesn’t it! Well for someone that struggles with large groups it wasn’t a smart thing for me to go on, but I did and to be honest I ended up enjoying my weekend away with Ladybird Adventures (aka Ladybirds on the loose). It had its moments though.

My first mistake was not driving down on my own, don’t get me wrong l loved not having to drive, and it was nice to have company but not having your car limits what you can do and you then have to rely on others which I hate doing, so I was stuck doing walks from Tidal River where the group had booked two large cabins, there were around fifty of us on this weekend, yep fifty 😳.

Getting to Wilson’s Prom on the Friday only took us two and a half hours, it was a pretty cruisy drive and I got to see two emus, two young deer and a few wallabies, which l don’t think l would of seen if l had drove but if l had drove down l also could of stopped and done a small walk before getting into Tidal River. Next year definitely doing this, yep so l guess l must of enjoyed it if I’m already planning next year’s event 😁

When we arrived at Tidal River I realised I was in the party cabin 😳 second mistake. I didn’t realise there was a party cabin or a quiet cabin, note to myself next year ask to be in the quiet cabin. My anxiety was going through the roof but I was trying to control it and try as much as I could to look like l was enjoying the atmosphere but if anyone looked deeper they would of seen the panic just under the surface ready to explode any minute. Get out Deb, move your arse and go to the other side 😉. Ooh it was so lovely in the quiet cabin and my racing heart was slowly getting back to its normal beat. Peace at last.

Now getting to Wilson’s Prom just before 5pm meant that l didn’t have a pick of a bottom bunk, oh well the girls in my room would just have to put up with me climbing up and down several times each night, loo run 😁.

It was certainly hard to sleep that first night but I was surprisingly warm with my new thermals under my PJs.

I planned to do a solo hike on the Saturday, sometimes it’s nice to go solo, I didn’t want to go over 14km but ended up doing just under 20kms in total 😳 yep I was pretty sore after my hike and my foot wasn’t too impressed with me.

I decided to join a couple of smaller hikes together to make a big loop hike, which meant walking along the road a little but not having my car meant l would have to if l wanted to do a couple of different tracks.

From Tidal River l walked across the foot bridge and turned right onto the Lilly Pilly link track which takes you to the start of the Lilly Pilly Gully Circuit and Mt Bishop.

If you can only do one walk then do this one, no it’s not the highest point on Wilson’s Prom but it’s a beautiful walk and you do get great views at the top of Mt Bishop.

The Lilly Pilly Circuit is a fairly easy walk and if you are early and going solo then you may see a few wallabies like I was lucky enough to see. I also got to see some very cute birds and again I find going solo I notice a lot more around me.

I loved the information you get along the track, specially the one showing what the track looked like after a fire had gone through and looking at the same track now it’s beautiful to see how nature bounces back.

After finishing the Lilly Pilly Gully Circuit I had to walk a short distance to the squeaky beach car park then I followed the track on the right to Picnic Bay. A beautiful beach and yep a great spot to have a picnic in better weather, but being the first day of winter l didn’t stay long.

From here you could keep going and head towards Whisky Bay but l had already walked 12kms and still had at least 7kms to get back to Tidal River so l needed to turn around and head back.

Once l got back to Squeaky Beach l walked along the beach towards Pillar Point which again has some great views once you get to the top.

The great thing about these walks is there are plenty of seats along the tracks if you need to rest and some have beautiful views of the ocean.

Once at the top of Pillar Point it’s an easy walk back to Tidal River.

I was very lucky on my walk as l didn’t come across many people, maybe it was the cold weather or maybe the early start, but it certainly is more enjoyable when you don’t have noisy crowds to deal with.

I was also lucky to see a few wallabies and some beautiful birds but my highlight was a very big healthy wombat.

All up l walked a little under 20km, and my foot was definitely not impressed, but by the next day it had stopped hurting.

That night l joined a few of the ladies for a night walk to see if we could see a few nocturnal animals and it wasn’t too long until we did, l got to see a couple of possums, two small young deer and lots of wombats.

It turned out to be a great weekend away. And I’ll definitely be on the next one but this time I’ll be taking my car so then l can do a few of the trails that are not close to Tidal River. I think Wilson’s Prom is my go to place for winter hikes, no crowds and beautiful views.


One thought on “Wilson’s Prom

  1. The Prom is a gorgeous place with so many amazing hikes. I think I first walked up Mount Oberon when I was about ten and I’ve been back countless times since. Wonderful post Deb that brought back lots of happy memories.

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