Ritches Hut

Hike fourteen of 2019

I haven’t hiked for four weeks, wow l never thought that would happen. But l have found a few other things to keep me busy and I’m loving that.

Well let’s get back to hike fourteen, this one was an easy overnight hike to Ritches Hut in the Alpine National Park along the Howqua river.

You can either start this hike from seven mile camp ground (for 2wd cars) or if you have a 4wd start at eight mile flat camp ground. There is a drop toilet that we found hidden behind some trees and plenty of spots to camp and have a camp fire. But Ritches Hut is only a two hour walk so why camp at eight mile flat when you can enjoy a fire in a cozy hut.

Day one we took the high track to keep our shoes dry, it’s an easy track to follow and l feel would be a great hike with kids.

Once we got to Ritches Hut the sun was slowly going down and so was the temperature. Lucky l was hiking with ladies that knew how to get a fire going because l think it would of taken me hours to get it going.

The hut is a great hut, lots of room and plenty of seats.

I had my new tent to try out on this hike and l got busy putting it up but l actually never got around to sleeping in it.

Two reasons for this, reason one – it was freezing cold and my tent was very wet on the outside of it and it was so warm inside the hut, but the main reason was we heard dogs howling 😳 which freaked me out totally, so l ended up sleeping in the hut with two of the other ladies l was hiking with. And so glad l did because it was cold, very cold, and I think l need warmer thermals because I was even cold with the fire going.

The next day we planned to walk back along the low track which had a few river crossings, well okay not just a few but a total of thirteen and the river was freezing cold but after getting the feet wet it was warmer to have them in the water then out of it. So l was glad when we came across each river crossing.

The hike was over before we knew it and l was wishing it was a little longer, but my feet were happy to get out of wet shoes and socks.

Again another great hike with some amazing ladies, not sure if I’ll go back to hiking solo when I’ve made so many great friendships while hiking. These ladies have been great to hike with, supportive, caring and understanding but above all that, they have made me laugh, put a smile on my face and made me look forward to the next hike.


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