Dehydrating Food

A month ago l decided l needed to try and make my own dehydrated food for hiking, one reason was l just find it hard eating the dehydrated food you get in camping and hiking stores. Most of them have no flavour and it is like chewing rubber. My opinion, not everyone’s, some people actually like these packet dehydrated meals, maybe l just haven’t tried the right ones yet.

I bought a dehydrator online, which was my first mistake, l was so excited when it came that staight away l was cutting up fruits to try it out.

Now l followed the guide on how to dehydrate fruit and it was apparently only meant to take ten hours at the most. Two days later and my fruit wasn’t dehydrated.

It took over 3 days so obviously something was wrong with my dehydrator.

So l contacted the company by email and after a few back and forth emailing l finally got them to send a new one out.

Take Two

This time l again started with just fruit and it only took eight hours to dehydrate most of them. My favourite is the kiwi fruit, oh my god they are sooo yummy, and the yellow peaches as well.

My second mistake was not peeling the fruit, the ones that had skin on them took much longer to dehydrate.

Two days later l was dehydrating pasta sauce then pasta and now the meat to go with the it all.

Of course I’ll definitely test this out at home because one thing l don’t want is to eat it on a hike and then get sick.

Wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜


4 thoughts on “Dehydrating Food

  1. Good luck! I hope it goes well.

    Would you like me to share a post from another hiking blogger friend who also dehydrates food? I am pretty sure she has some posts that will help you!

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