Hike Planning

A weekend without a hike doesn’t mean l wasnt thinking about hiking.

I love planning my hikes and organising what I’ll take and what food I’ll need.

This first half of the year is all a lead up to my 19 day Larapinta hike in June. I have organized at least one overnight hike each month, with a solo five day hike in April to see how I go with carrying extra food for five days.

I have already done one multi day hike and have four more planned.

Not in any order, I’m planning to hike Wilson’s Prom, Mitchell River, Mount Feathertop and Keppel Hut. But need one more to plan. Ummm must start researching.

I did not feel my pack was overly heavy for the hike l did to Tali Karng but of course it also could of been lighter, it weighed in at 14.3kg with food and water. I am hoping I can get it under 8kg for my base weight (without food or water).

One thing I am hoping I can get before I hike Larapinta is a one person tent, I haven’t been happy with my MSR hubba hubba the last two times I’ve had it up in the rain I’ve ended up with water inside my tent, which isn’t a nice thing to wake up to in the morning. But I guess I’ve also wanted to get a one person tent for a while, I got the hubba hubba nearly two years ago when I was in a relationship and back then I had good intentions to hike with my then partner but I soon ended up single again and wished I had gone for a lighter one person tent.

Researching tents over the last month l do think I’ve decided on the Nemo Hornet 1p ultralight tent, mainly due to its weight (900g) but also l love a free standing tent with a rain fly to help with condensation as well as keeping rain out but is also fast to set up once you know how to set it up. Just not sure if I should stick to the one person or go for the two person for a little more room.

The two person really isn’t a two person tent, I would say it’s more a one and a half person tent. And there isn’t much difference in the inside size, the 2p is 85×51 and the one person is 87×40, which I know it’s only 5cm longer but l do like that I might be able to put my pack at the end of the tent.

On my Tali Karng hike I got to see my hiking buddies Nemo hornet (two person tent) and I think it’s won me over but I will check it out once more just to make sure.

I don’t think I’ll upgrade anything else in my hiking base pack until after Larapinta because of the cost. But will get a new hat, need a wide brimmed hat and maybe new thermal bottoms. Oh the list is getting longer.

The Larapinta has had fires over the last month which doesn’t sound great for my hike, I’m trying to stay positive about it and reading all the updates that the companies have been putting up on the Facebook group’s.

I do hope that they get rain and this helps with the recovery process of this beautiful part of Australia. But it isn’t going to stop me from doing this hike, yes it will be harder because I’ve never hiked through recently burnt terrain and because of where it is the plants will not regrow as fast as it would if it was in Victoria. There more then likely will be problems with track markers as well so I am also thinking of doing a map reading course to get better at reading maps. Need to be prepared.


3 thoughts on “Hike Planning

  1. Sounds like good plans! Especially on swapping out the tent, because water in your tent is annoying! I have the Nordisk Telemark LW 2-person tent and it weighs in at only 950 g! While not free standing, I love this tent, easy to set up though it needs airing out the condensation in the morning. Good luck finding the tent that’s right for you!

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