Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail – Day Three

Hike To Banksia Campsite

November 2018

I woke up refreshed and looking forward to seeing the Remarkable Rocks on this days hike.

Again l was gone by 7am, it was a beautiful morning to hike but that soon changed when l got closer to the Remarkable Rocks.

The wind was so strong, but l still went down to get some photos, spent more time in the little cave of the Rock’s then l did exploring around them because of the wind.

After this side trip l was again walking along a rocky trail up on the cliff top. It wasn’t as bad today because you eventually turn inland for a while and get a break from the rocks. And you come across more wildflowers on the side of the trail.

As you look back from where you have come you can still see the Remarkable Rocks in the distance.

Walking along the cliff top you can sometimes hear the Fur Seals below you but unable to see them.

Before you get to camp in this day there is a small side trip down to Sandersons Bay. Totally worth the walk. A beautiful beach but l wouldn’t swim as the waves looked pretty strong.

Again l saw lots of Rosenberg Goannas. And a few cute little birds darting into and out if the bushes along the track.

Today was a great walk, sunny most of the day, l didn’t let the windy cliff walk get to me. And l even noticed a cute little bug.

Got to camp early and spent some time reading my book. It was so nice getting in and you are the only one there.


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