Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail – Day One

Hike to Cup Gum Campsite

November 2018

This morning l was up and ready to go by 8am but my transfer to the start of the hike wasn’t until 9:30am as l had to wait for a group of five that were hiking it in sections that were on the same transfer as me.

By the end of this hike l decided l would never do a transfer with others again. I don’t like waiting around when l could of been already hiking the trail.

When l got to Flinders Chase National Park Visitors Centre the group of five went to have coffee in the cafe so this gave me time to hike ahead of them. I didn’t want to hike with others. The whole point of this solo hike was to be out there by myself.

The start of the hike

I was so lucky l actually never came across another hiker on this hike, only at the tourist spots that you can get to by car.

I first walked down to Platypus Waterhole, l guess everyone hopes to see a platypus but l had no sure luck.

Would love to meet someone that has actually seen one in this waterhole as how do we actually now that there are platypus in there, l could say my local creek around the corner of my house has platypus (but of course it doesn’t ….lol) just to get tourists in.

This section of the hike was pretty cruisy, l got to see wallabies and lots of beautiful birds, also a few goannas along the trail.

You can’t see me

I stopped at the Pardalote Lookout for some nice views and then headed onto the Rocky River Cascades to soak my sore feet in the cool water.

I stayed there for a while just enjoying the water and the peaceful surroundings of gum trees and some beautiful wildflowers.

I didn’t stop much along this first section mainly because of the ants, I’ve been bitten by one before and l wasn’t going to go through that again.

It was an easy walk to my camp site on this day, l got into camp with plenty of time to set up before it got dark.

The two ladies that were also doing the trail came in about two hours after me. I got talking to them and one of the ladies will be doing the Larapinta Trail next year around the same time as me but going east to west. I’ll be going west to east. We may run into each other. She is doing it with a group.

The hiking group that were in the same transfer at the start did not come through the camp as they were getting pickup at a different location.

Not long after they came into camp a guy walking it solo came in but he kept to himself on the hike. The camp sites were that spread apart that you could literally hide away from everyone else if you chose to.

It started to rain not long after l had dinner in the sheltered kitchen area. Then l headed to my tent to do a bit of reading.

Had a great day.


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