Kangaroo Island

November 2018

Back in November l finally got around to doing the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail, this is my journal posts from that hike.

I hate flying, but somehow l had convinced myself years ago that if l sit at the window everything will be okay, until some bright spark informed me that a lady got sucked out the window on a flight. Like what the 😮

so now I’m a little nervous about flying and getting onto a plane.

Thank god l made sure l had time between flights, my flight to Adelaide was delayed, so l would only just make my connection to Kingscote , so l thought, l forgot about the time difference and l ended up having plenty of time.

Is it only me that thinks it’s odd that Adelaide Airport have gates all the way up to 26 then a gate 50. And of course l had to go to gate 50. And at first l thought I’ve got a bit of walking to do so l better move but it wasn’t that far away after all because there is no gate 27 through to 49.

If anyone knows why this is so please tell me so l can learn something new.

It was funny but l actually enjoyed both those flights, a lady was telling me that apparently next year you will be able to fly straight from Melbourne to Kangaroo Island which will make it so much easier and maybe even cheaper.

Because l would be hiking most of the week l decided not to get a hire car and opted for a transfer to the caravan park then a transfer to the start of the hike. I was able to organize all of this through Fiona at the caravan park which made it so much easier then having to do it myself.

It took just over an hour to get from the airport on KI to the Caravan park l would be staying at for that first night, so with the flights as well, my whole day was gone with traveling to my destination for the night.

I chose to bring all my food from Melbourne because l wasn’t prepared to miss out on foods l like and there were no shops close by for me to go to anyway.

The caravan park was great, l saw a heap of koalas in the trees, a few wallabies and kangaroos. It was l lovely spot to stay the night.

I spent that night in a cabin and prepared my pack for the next day.

I had decided not to carry all my gear a few weeks back and l organised a transfer of my gear to each camp site, this ended up being great. Your gear is put into a locked trailer and you are given the code for that trailer. Each time you get into camp the trailer is there for you to grab your tent etc and you then can set up. It was going to cost me $400 for this if l was the only one doing it but two other ladies were hiking at the same time as me so the price came down to $150, much better 😁.

Every multi day hike l do l always take a book, for this hike l picked a good one 😊

So all l needed to carry each day was a day pack with food, water, and the usual things like firstaid kit, rain jacket etc.

I was pretty excited about doing this hike now that l was actually on Kangaroo Island.


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