Humans are strange creatures indeed.

Relationships of any kind can be difficult if you don’t stick to the truth.

New friendships will only grow if you are honest with each other. And being honest can be hard but you have to trust that the friendship is strong enough to get through it.

No relationship is going to form if you can’t first be friends and be honest friends.

If you both make an effort towards that friendship then it will blossom but people can be very strange creatures. And we all make excuses for why we don’t make that effort.

It could be a simple – sorry l don’t have the time this week or this month. Or it could be – sorry somethings come up maybe another time.

But in all honesty if they really wanted to catch up they would find the time, so let it be what it is and don’t force the friendship. Because if they couldn’t be honest in the first place then why would you want the friendship.

I have a small handful of wonderful friends and they have shown over the years that l matter to them as much as they matter to me, but sometimes you come across someone you get excited about, you start thinking that this could be one of those great friendships and you put in the effort and it seems they are also putting in the effort but then there is a bump in that road and the excuses start happening.

That’s when l will usually say – that’s okay 😊 let me know when you can catch up. Or – totally understand, it’s all good, let’s do it in a few weeks.

But you don’t and a few weeks turns into a month. If you want a friendship to work you don’t let it slip away, but you both need to make the effort, it’s no good if only one is trying.

If you cancel on a friend and you genuinely want the friendship to last then YOU need to make an effort towards finding time to catch up next time, don’t expect them to again ask over and over because in the end they will end up making the excuses back.

Humans are strange creatures indeed.

This year I’m not going to be that person that makes an excuse, if you genuinely want to catch up with me then I’m going to make the effort. If l say yes then I’ll be there, if l cancel l will be the one to reschedule our next catchup and l will not let months go by before it happens.

So to my friends l promise to try harder. Let’s catch up 😊


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