Back to work I go

I started to feel anxious about this last week, l can’t say why because I honestly don’t know why I feel this way when I’ve been working in this job for over twelve years now, I guess my anxiety with work started about two years ago but slowly got worse.

But this morning I’m really struggling to move, again there isn’t a reason it is just a feeling in my gut and my head. My body is responding to this feeling and it is bloody hard to move past it.

I need to go, I know this, I know that once I get to work I’ll more then likely be okay and this will settle down.

Why does my body do this? were do these feelings come from? Why do the tears fall?


3 thoughts on “Back to work I go

  1. I’ve experienced something similar recently and it’s very odd and unsettling, particularly for those of us who have longevity in a particular job. If I’m familiar with a role, how is it that my confidence is shattered when I look on from a distance and can feel like Day 1 in the job? It seems to be an irrational hurdle that arises from nowhere and seeks to limit my ability to function. It’s such an unhelpful feeling and as you rightly ask: where does it come from? I hope you’ve now ridden that wave into shore and feel the certainty of solid ground beneath your feet.

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