Point Leo to Balnarring

Hike two for 2019

I love to find new hiking books and work through the hikes, l guess l love ticking them off. I bought this small box that l thought was a book of hikes but it turned out to be cards with hikes on them. There are 32 cards, which means 32 hikes.

I have done a few of the hikes that are on the cards and l have decided to try and do the full 32 ( not including the ones I have done) hikes this year, the first one I picked was card number five, Point Leo to Balnarring (Coolart Wetlands). It does say 15km return hike but if you end up walking around the homestead it will make it a longer hike.

We started at the Point Leo boat club, which l didn’t realise to park at Point Leo you have to pay $4, but if you park up the road a little you don’t have to pay anything but because of the school holidays it was just easier to pay the $4 and not walk an extra few kms.

Most of this walk is along the beach so it is best to check the tides before doing the hike, we only had one spot on the way back that the water was all the way up to the rocks.

It’s a pretty easy walk but walking on soft sand can make it hard on your feet, try to walk on the harder wet sand and try and stay off the sand dunes because there maybe bird nests in there.

As you get closer to Balnarring you will see some big pine trees inland and this is where you will stop for a rest at the Coolart Homestead.

There are a few smaller walks in the Coolart Wetlands that you could do as well, l have been there in the past and did these walks which are lovely and very easy. The Coolart Homestead has some beautiful gardens to stop and have some lunch, you can also enter the homestead house that has a lot of history about the area and the family that lived there once.

After lunch you head back the way you came.

I did this hike with a lady from one of my hiking groups on facebook, so glad she joined me, and l just know we will do more hikes this year together.

Now l need to pick the next card for another hike


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