My self-love Wednesday

I started my self-love wednesdays back in July 2018, when I realised only I could pull myself off the dark path I was on. The only rule for this day is to NOT feel guilty about what I do or don’t do.

My very first one I caught up with a friend l haven’t seen for a few years and l really enjoyed it, so l made an effort to see more friends l haven’t seen in years. To explain a little, back in July 2018 my anxiety was pretty high after my .. let’s say hospital visit 😁.. that catching up with a friend that doesn’t know me that well was a pretty huge step for me. And l was pretty proud of myself for not canceling.

Sometimes l would use my self-love Wednesday to have lunch with my daughter, or go see a movie by myself, or even go give blood, because that’s not just helping me but helping others. Or l may just go to a cafe and read the paper.

But sometimes l wouldn’t do much at all, I’ve used it to binge watch a new series on netflixs, or finish a book I’ve been reading, or maybe just sort through some boxes in my unit.

I think everyone needs to do a little self-love, it definitely makes you a better person, and makes you happier and healthier, which in the long run helps the people around you as well.

I know a lot of people think that you can’t put yourself first, if you do you were an awful human, you had to put everyone else first, but it’s so not true, think about it, how can you look after others if you don’t look after yourself first?

Think of it like your oxygen mask on a plane, they say to put YOURS on first before looking after others, it’s the same in life, if you don’t look after yourself then you will be no good to look after friends and family.

I remember a friend telling me about her sister, and how she was 24/7 caring for her husband and not looking after her own health, not putting aside time to do things she loved, well that sister past away in her sleep (at a way too young age) and her husband is now being cared for in a nursing home (at a way too young age). I am not saying you shouldn’t care for loved ones but l am saying make time for YOU. And don’t feel guilty about it, in the end it’s your life and you want to be around a long time to enjoy it, with the people you love right?

Do things that make you happy, that make you smile, that makes you proud of who you are and where you are heading on your journey. Give yourself high fives when you achieve something you wanted to get done, it could just be getting out of bed that morning or even going for a walk. We take these little things for granted and don’t think about them until we have trouble doing them.

When you look in the mirror each morning look at yourself, really look at yourself and smile, tell yourself that you love the person you are, right now you are working on being a better you and that you are proud of this.

I even forget to do this some mornings, use post it notes with reminders, stick them on your mirror.

It helps to smile, and a smile is pretty catchy, so give someone a smile, start with the person that matters first, YOU.


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