So the last few days have been great, yes the first couple of days this week I did struggle but I’ve been able to turn it around and I believe that next week will be pretty great as well. It’s all in the Believe, if you don’t believe it then of course it will not […]

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Keep On Track

Three days without my meditation for depression and to be honest I thought I would be a mess and wanting to go back on something. I’ve been taking medication for five years now, and yes at the time I started taking them there was definitely a reason. Last year my meds were changed and at […]

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Let’s Talk About It

I remember my psychologist telling me to write about my feelings, put it on paper, see if it helps. And it did help, then I remember saying to her I would love to share it with others, she said why not, do it. At the time I was so concerned, opening up to total strangers […]

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Thank You

I think I’m a very lucky lady, I have a couple of supportive friends that I would be lost without. They know me and know my black dog but they still stick around. Last week I received a few lovely messages from people I’ve hiked with, that have taken time out of their busy days […]

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Positive Thoughts

So you’re probably wondering why I’m struggling atm, most people think that there has to be a reason and yes I would hopefully have a reason, usually, but sometimes there isn’t a reason. On those days where I’m feeling awful and I have no reason it makes it harder to understand and then it makes […]

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One Small Step

Smile for I have a purpose, so I am to believe. This morning I got out of bed, then I made it, I made it so then I wouldn’t jump back into it. Then I decided I would do this every morning this week because it felt good, it felt like I did something, yes […]

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My Black Dog

Today I start a new journey. My journey hasn’t always been about hiking, most of you would know this if you read my very first blogs, hiking was something that came into my life to help me with my grief from losing my father. But it also helped with my depression that I wouldn’t acknowledge […]

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