A New Year

January 2021 So while everyone was partying the new year in I was sleeping like a baby. While everyone was sleeping in and recovering from too much drinking I was hiking.I don’t do parties, haven’t for over five years now, so there was only one way I was going to see the new year in, […]

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Hill Training

Well after my hike at Wilson’s Prom I thought I better get a new hill to train with, mine just isn’t big enough or long enough. The only hill that I could think of that is close to home is Arthur’s Seat on the Mornington peninsula. It is still a 30min drive for me but […]

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Wilson’s Prom…Again

December 2020 Got to love the fact you have somewhere beautiful that you can escape to that’s not too far away from home. Boxing day 2020 i decided to join a good friend to hike at Wilson’s Prom for a few days, she had already booked five nights and with myself leaving it a little […]

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Toolangi State Park

November 2020 Today I hiked the Tanglefoot and Myrtle tracks in Toolangi State Forest. I’ve done this hike before but last time was in winter and it was so misty and beautiful. We also got a little lost last time as we took a wrong turn and a 16km hike ended up over 20kms .As […]

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This week I have struggled with finding out my ex has moved on, why…I am not sure, I’m the one that ended it, but then I was very confused at the time about my feelings or lack of feelings. Finding out in the last month that my feelings were still there but I had pushed […]

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Searching for wild orchids

I’m very lucky to have some great friends, especially ones that love doing what I love doing.One of my friends (we met just over a year ago) loves hiking and especially looking for fungi and wild orchids just as much as me.Now that we are allowed to not only hike with others and also leave […]

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Where did my feelings go..

I went back to my psychologist last week, haven’t seen her for a while as I thought I was handling things well. I think she is amazing because she always makes me see what I’m missing.We talked about a few things but the one I really wanted to sort out was were my feelings have […]

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Back Doing What I Love

Brisbane Ranges VictoriaMay 2020 Woohoo I was so excited to be able to get out and hike again. The last few months I’ve had my ups and downs, like most of us have I guess. We have all experienced life a little different over the last few months and one thing I’m very excited about […]

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Life Is Beautiful

Wow what a difference a week can make, sometimes you just need to tell everyone to piss off (not literally) and recharge on your own. Feeling so wonderful again and strong. My smile is back and I’m ready to face this world head on. Having a supportbox (That’s what I call it) to go to […]

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Walking with the Dog

Ten months, that’s how long it has been since my last panic attack, my last visit from my black dog was around that time as well. I am proud but also a little disappointed that I didn’t make the year that I wanted to achieve. Why has the last month been a struggle… well I […]

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