My Mt Feathertop

Hike Ten of 2019 I know now why so many hikers love hiking Mount Feathertop in Victoria. If you haven’t done it then put it on the list. The lead up to this hike for me was mentally tough. I had the worse week I’ve had since last June and I was finding it hard […]

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Three Creeks Hike

Hike nine of 2019 Brisbane Ranges in Victoria is only an hours drive from Melbourne and l feel it is a beautiful part of Victoria that you must experience. There are a few hikes in the Brisbane Ranges that you can do that only take a few hours to complete, but one hike l want […]

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When Life gets hard, Take a hike

If you have followed my journey from the start you would know l live with high anxiety and recently depression. If you have met me in person you wouldn’t think this. I’m a smiley bubbly redhead that loves life, and I’ll look for the positive in every negative. But sometimes life gets hard, and l […]

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Dandenong Wetlands

I love finding parks that l can walk my Sophie, especially if it also has walking tracks. There are quite a few only 30mins from my home, which is great because I’m pretty sure my Sophie gets car sick 🙄 so at least we are not in the car long. Dandenong Wetlands has been on […]

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Go slow

The last two weeks Victoria has had multiple fires in most of our National and State Parks east of the city of Melbourne, it is awful to watch some of my favourite areas of Victoria burning. Knowing so much wildlife will not survive, knowing it will take years for nature to bounce back from these […]

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Dehydrating Food

A month ago l decided l needed to try and make my own dehydrated food for hiking, one reason was l just find it hard eating the dehydrated food you get in camping and hiking stores. Most of them have no flavour and it is like chewing rubber. My opinion, not everyone’s, some people actually […]

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Mitchell River Trail

Hike Eight of 2019 Mitchell river is in the Gippsland region of Victoria, and the Mitchell River Trail follows this river starting at Angusvale camping ground and finishes at the Den of Nargun. Den of Nargun Last year l tried to organize this hike but couldn’t get anyone to do it with me as the […]

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