Where Has The Year Gone

October 2020 Wow it’s been five months since I last posted, and I guess a lot has happened. We have been through another lockdown because of the coronavirus and are only just coming slowly back out of this second lockdown. I have to say though we are very lucky compared to other countries, and hopefully […]

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Back Doing What I Love

Brisbane Ranges VictoriaMay 2020 Woohoo I was so excited to be able to get out and hike again. The last few months I’ve had my ups and downs, like most of us have I guess. We have all experienced life a little different over the last few months and one thing I’m very excited about […]

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Life Is Beautiful

Wow what a difference a week can make, sometimes you just need to tell everyone to piss off (not literally) and recharge on your own. Feeling so wonderful again and strong. My smile is back and I’m ready to face this world head on. Having a supportbox (That’s what I call it) to go to […]

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Walking with the Dog

Ten months, that’s how long it has been since my last panic attack, my last visit from my black dog was around that time as well. I am proud but also a little disappointed that I didn’t make the year that I wanted to achieve. Why has the last month been a struggle… well I […]

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Mount Worth

Mount Worth State Park February 2020 Finally got back to one of my favourite spots in Victoria Australia, Mount Worth State Park. When I walk through the trees here I feel at peace and the beauty of this place definitely puts a smile on my face. Last time I hiked here I was lucky enough […]

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Two Bays Trail

Overnight Hike 25th January 2020 Cape Schanck,Victoria, Australia. I’ve done this hike a few years ago as a day hike with a hiking friend, but this time I decided since now they have a camp ground around half way it would be nice to go back and do it again but not have to rush, […]

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Looking into 2020

Wow I’ve come along way this year, I’ve had my ups and downs and my laughs and tears but I’m still smiling. Loving my hiking again and enjoying life more. Giving myself more selflove and not feeling guilty about it. I’m the sort of person that needs to have things to look forward to and […]

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Bushrangers Bay

Hike twenty-eight of 2019 Bushrangers Bay, Cape Schanck Victoria My second hike as a leader of Hike to Heal and I loved this one, mainly because it was raining for most of the hike. I never understand why people don’t enjoy hiking in the rain, it’s so beautiful and peaceful. This is one of my […]

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Leading Again

Hike twenty-seven of 2019 Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve – Victoria. Today I went back to leading walks in nature, I am so excited about getting back into being a leader, this time around it’s with a group I’m very passionate about and glad that the founder of the group has accepted me as a […]

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Hike to Heal

Hike Twenty-six Westerfolds Park Victoria This morning I did another walk with the group Hike to Heal. This time there was fourteen of us, so a good size to see how I went with hiking with a group. I was pretty anxious in the morning but I also knew by the time I got out […]

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