Dating again

June 2017 Now don’t laugh just yet πŸ™„πŸ€£ but l was ready to date again and l am definitely not one to go to pubs and clubs so l decided to jump on the internet (okay now you can start laughing). I’ve done this before and at the time it worked out okay (..well not […]

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New Tent

June/July 2017 I was pretty serious about this hiking business now and after my first overnight hike l realized my pack was way too heavy. I need to lighten it even just a little. I cut down on things l really didn’t need and didn’t use but l also started looking at lighter items l […]

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My First Overnight Hike

Wilson’s Prom July 2017 I was now looking at overnight hikes and thinking that l could seriously do that, if you had asked my best mate if l loved camping she would of laughed and said as long as it is in a hotel room. Camping, no showers, no power, no door to lock 😲 […]

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My Anxiety

I suffer from high Anxiety, suffer? No actually l don’t suffer, l live with anxiety. I don’t think of it as suffering no more. How do l explan anxiety to someone that don’t understand it? Everyone feels anxious every now and then. It’s a normal emotion to have. For example, you may feel a little […]

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Marysville using Wikiloc

Three Lookouts Hike 2017 After a few hikes with people l needed another solo hike. At this stage l had found an app called Wikiloc, l was in love. Oh my god this app was my messiah for hikes, My dream app. You can find hikes on there that others have done and actually follow […]

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Coast Hike

Cape Shanck to London Bridge 30km My favourite hiking partner and myself did the Two Bays hike from Dromana to Cape Shanck, 28km in total. We loved that hike so much but my hiking buddy did think it was a Coastal hike and you only see the coast in the last 6km so we decided […]

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Just The Two Of Us

Happy Valley This wonderful friendship started with this hike. So it was pretty easy to convince someone to come on a hike in Happy Valley. Who wouldn’t want to hike there with that name. What can l say about this amazing lady, we hit it off staight away on this hike and ended up doing […]

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